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Rareiio's LinkedIn marketing services allows you to tap into the best B2B lead generation source out in the market, we take a deep dive into your marketing strategy and business dynamics to custom-tailor your LinkedIn marketing strategy.


LinkedIn Lead Gen

About Us

Rareiio's LinkedIn marketing team takes a deep dive into your current LinkedIn marketing strategy and execution, your target market, the competition in the industry to get a strong understanding of the landscape. We then draft out a custom-made LinkedIn marketing strategy that will provide you with high quality B2B leads.


Why Work With Us?

Custom Strategy Custom Strategy

Every business needs a custom strategy. We undertake an immense amount of research to understand your business and competition before devising you a unique custom solution.

Long Term Solutions Long Term Solutions

In our view things should be built with a long term mindset. We always aim to build solutions which will provide long term benefits rather than quick fixes.

Agile Mindset Agile Mindset

We work with you in a flexible way allowing you to change courses when required to ensure the end result is scalable and solves an issue in the market.

Relationship Driven Relationship Driven

Our aim to build a long lasting relationship with our clients. Our support does not end with the launch of your website or product. We will be there to help you in all your tech and marketing needs well into the future!

Our Portfolio

Our Portfolio Is Proof Of Our Exceptional Execution Skills

LinkedIn Strategy Process

To Deliver Value A Marketing Consultant Must Understand Your Business Deeply.


Dedicated Account Manager

Rareiio's each Account Manager is a Certified LinkedIn Expert, responsible for understanding the nuances of your business and logging into your account on a daily basis to implement the necessary strategies. With deep analytics, we check real-time data and results to ensure high ROI on LinkedIn outreach. We work closely with your sales team to understand the kinds of leads you are getting to make sure the right target market is tapped, resulting in high-value clients.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Profile optimization is the cornerstone of all marketing, branding, and lead generation strategies! The account manager spends 15 – 20 hours over the course of 1 – 2 weeks researching, rewriting, and editing the profile to speak to ideal clients/ audience. The account manager works directly with the design team to ornate the right portfolios and profile picture that depicts your brand.

Connect With 1,000’s of Ideal Clients

We target and connect with 1000’s of ideal clients on LinkedIn in your industry. We use Sales Navigator to connect with the right people in your industry and generate a user journey to build great connections that convert into high-quality leads.

Messaging Campaign

We have high-converting copywriters in our team who research your brand and your market to write incredible message sequences for you that help you qualify the right people and generate a high-quality lead list.

Content Marketing

We create content that attracts high-value leads and helps you go viral on LinkedIn. After years of research, we know which types of content go viral at what time of the day in which niche. This insight lets you gain a solid advantage over your competitors.

Focus on Closing

While we give you the right people to speak to, all you have to do is close those clients. Our well-defined processes put thousands of leads in front of you which would take you years to develop. The whole process is automated so you don't spend money on a big sales team and time waiting for them to close those deals.


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