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Custom Web Design and Digital Agency

How It All Started?

The Story Behind Rareiio

After struggling to find a good tech partner and almost giving up, Mel met Ismail in June 2018! The duo worked together for 6 months to release an Airbnb-like app called Find Book Beauty. After the release of the app, they formed a strong working relationship and the duo paired up again to build a world class digital agency. With Mel's 9 years experience in advising small to medium businesses & Ismail 5 years in running a IT agency, the two teamed up to deliver a top notch customer-centric technology & marketing solution.


Our Mission

Our Mission Is To Be The No. 1 Digital Agency

We adore working with talented entrepreneurs to create digitally disruptive products. Whether it’s a website, mobile app or a minimum viable product in WordPress, we know what it takes to build a scalable product. To date we have built Finance Dashboards, Invoice Management Portals and GPS Tracking Mobile Apps for enterprises. Additionally, we enjoy complex challenges and working with enterprises to provide digital transformation solutions.
Our Mission
What is Rareiio’s Differentiator?

What is Rareiio’s Differentiator?

We Get Business. We Get Tech.

We know how to work with businesses and founders from a non-tech background to build out innovative tech solutions. We get that businesses expect a return on their tech spend and we guide you to build something with ROI mindset. We are business people and tech people all in one. In addition, we don’t believe any challenge is too big. We love working on projects which require innovative solutions that is out of the box. As a result of our continued success, we are being looked upon as a front-runner that offers comprehensive Custom Web Design and Development Services in the IT industry.

Why Work With Us?

Your Success Is Our Success

Custom Strategy Custom Strategy

Every business needs a custom strategy. We undertake an immense amount of research to understand your business and competition before devising you a unique custom solution.

Long Term Solutions Long Term Solutions

In our view things should be built with a long term mindset. We always aim to build solutions which will provide long term benefits rather than quick fixes.

Agile Mindset Agile Mindset

We work with you in a flexible way allowing you to change courses when required to ensure the end result is scalable and solves an issue in the market.

Relationship Driven Relationship Driven

Our aim to build a long lasting relationship with our clients. Our support does not end with the launch of your website or product. We will be there to help you in all your tech and marketing needs well into the future!

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